Website Assessment Service

You have a website and for some reason it is not working for you, or it is not working as you thought it would. Building your business online is vital to the growth and success of your enterprise. You know this, and you want to make sure your website adheres to key aspects of the online space for your business. You want the right website to successfully grow your business on the Internet.

My assessment of your existing website is focused upon the core concepts required for online community building, traffic flow, lead capturing and developing strategies around your customer base so that they will repeat purchase and bring their friends, again and again. You will need the essentials of online marketing, an effective online business strategy, a strong source of traffic to your business offering, and a sound structure for your website to maximise turnover and profitability, while keeping your costs low.

My thorough assessment of your website will include:

The specifics of how I will assess your website

There are three core components to every website that must be represented: information, communication and navigation. In most cases, a site is designed with a heavy focus on overall aesthetics. This is usually to the detriment of user experience and user interaction. Function of the website and its ease of use should be prioritised over aesthetic form. The overall aesthetic design should enhance the function of the site and the user experience during their interaction.

Some of the things I will be looking at on your site during my basic assessment:

Who are you dealing with?

I am Gareth Q Barrett, and I have been building and analysing the web presence of a variety of businesses since 1996. For my own businesses and for clients like you

The most important thing: I have grown my client's customer base every time.

I am a specialist consultant who helps you improve your online business presence. My clients have included small and medium companies in: information technology, health and fitness, medical and dental, retail food, finance, education, trades, tourism, art and design, construction, gaming, and entertainment.

My decades of accumulated expertise will help you identify the best strategies to grow your business on the Internet, and how to avoid expensive pitfalls and mistakes. My experience in generating web leads, online and in-person sales, crafting your online story, and understanding how the Internet fundamentally alters your way of doing business, will equip you with the the right tools to build a better online presence.

I have an undergraduate degree in English, Psychology and Economics, as well as two postgraduate degrees in Documentary and Narrative Film Theory and Production.

How does this work?

I am not interested in taking your money and leaving you with no idea how your website works, fundamentally doing nothing for your business. My aim is to actually help you learn strategies to grow your business, convert followers to customers and generate more revenue for you to continue to grow. Exposing you to the best strategies you need for your market niche.

This is about empowering you by:

I will guide you through putting practical improvements in place in your business, follow through on those improvements and suggest adjustments where required. This is a website assessment and I do not build or adapt your site for you. I act as a mentor when dealing with designers, developers and staff. I help to explain what you need to your contractors and employees and how they can help you with the follow through. When needed, I do help to solve problems that you may experience during the process of implementing the proposed changes.

I make sure you get what you need and not what someone else wants you to have.

Tell me about your business

You have got to this point. I can assume you have some level of interest in what my business can offer you. Fill in the accompanying form so that I can get a sense of where you are at and how I may be able to help you.

I can help you identify where you are in the scheme of things and help you decide how you wish to grow your business and how I can help you going forward.

If this is not of interest to you, thank you for taking the time to read this. I would still like to hear from you. Not to try to sell you something, but to learn. My business is all about finding ways to help my clients. If you feel there is something else out there that is a better fit for you, I would like to hear about it. No-one can know everything. Buildling upon my knowledge base and skill set is what helps me provide an improved service in the future. I may know someone who offers the service you are looking for and I can refer you to them directly and save you some time.

Fill in the form, or contact me through social media. Thank you for considering Like Button Media to grow your business online.

Gareth Q Barrett